Monday, October 20, 2008

WOW, What a Weekend!

The Creative Festival was a huge success!
Here's my van all loaded up on Thursday, to go down to the Convention Centre, about a one hour trip.
We got there at 3:00pm, got into the loading dock really quick, and unloaded. The set-up, of course, took much, much longer. Our curtain, for the back of the booth, finally arrived about 9:00pm, and then we left to get some rest. Unfortunately, the hotel had overbooked, and even though I had a confirmation number, and they had my credit card, we didn't have a room, and were re-located to another hotel. Needless to say, we were beyond exhausted.
Things were a bit better in the morning, as we headed to our booth to finish setting up the back wall, and to get ready for the day, and classes.
And what a day it was. Classes were great, students were awesome, and the people just kept coming. I managed to grab a cup of coffee at the instructor's lounge in the morning, as I picked up my class list, and then I had a bite to eat at 3 in the afternoon. Joan, one of our staff, made sandwiches for us every day, and made sure we ate at least one per day. I had to excuse myself from the line of ladies waiting to talk to me, just to go to the bathroom. One lady even timed me. 3 minutes was all I was allowed (just kidding). You see, I was the only "Machine Knitting" person at the show, and people were coming just for that.
Machine Knitting is alive and well, judging by the number of people that came to talk to me, interested in techniques, looking for help with their machines, and looking for machines.
I am seriously considering setting up some one or two day workshops in and around southern Ontario to accommodate all the enthusiastic knitters who were looking for instruction.
Thank-You! to all of you who visited our booth, stopped to say "Hello!" and made me feel so welcome. I apologize to those I didn't get to speak to, and hope to see you soon.
More tomorrow.

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bjo said...

Congrats! Sounds like the show was awesome!