Friday, October 24, 2008

Creative Festival

Well, I have to tell you, the Creative Festival was a huge success. I'm so happy, and encouraged, by all of the machine knitters, of every level, who came to say "Hello!", asked for help, made comments, and in general, were excited about machine knitting. To all of you, who come by year after year, and encourage me to "keep it up!", thank-you! I plan to organize some one and/or two day workshops around southern Ontario in the new year, and would love to hear from you, as to where you are located, and what you would like me to teach.
Here's a look at our booth, my machine knitting display/classroom and the Needles and Knits portion. We were all exhausted, but we had a great time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank you for being at the show-
i always learn a little more each time i come this time how to find the sponge bar (always wondered and never had time to find it)- your booth was lovely
and i really enjoyed watching the young lady working on that incredable thin piece of knitting.
i saw her later designing her piece and complimented her on her work. keep it up and i live in brampton so keep us informed if you are going to have a class.