Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WOW! I like this!

Today I found some really cool backgrounds, available for free. I really wanted to have something that was a little more creative, and I think this is it. You can click on the link in the top, left-hand corner, and take a look at all that is available. I will probably change the background periodically, to suit my mood. Who knows!
My daughter was here today, and really helped with navigating around to add things to my blog.
I'm learning.

Slideshow Breakthrough!

I've been trying, and trying, to follow all the instructions in the help menu, to get my slideshow up and running, to no avail. Yesterday, I traded my knitting skills for some amazing computer skills, and my blog is looking a whole lot better.
I'm working as much as I can to get things ready for the Creative Festival, and really hope to get much more active blogging about my creative accomplishments.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time Flies

Well, it's been forever, since I logged on and updated my rainbows.
I will be teaching Machine Knitting at the Creative Festival in Toronto from October 17th to the 19th, and the preparations are going, going, going.
I'm sure that a few of my projects will not get done, but I'm prioritizing and working away.
Finished another Organic Wrap, totally out of my stash, so this one is for me.