Thursday, December 29, 2011

How many variables???

While at home, I tend to mostly machine knit.  There’s always a hand-knitting project on the go, for knitting in front of the TV, and in the car, waiting in lines, at the doctor’s office, at YRKG meetings, etc. 
For our annual trip to Florida, I enjoy picking a hand-knitting project to knit along the way, and also during our stay, and the drive back.  That’s a fair amount of knitting time.  I pick multiple projects, so there is variety, and of course, so I don’t run out of anything to knit.
Well, this year, was a little more hectic than most, in December, and clearly, I did not read the materials very well.
Project #1.  Harvest Jewels, in Knitters Magazine K104.  I thought this was a top-down knit, with fair-isle at the yolk, knit in the round.  Great project to try the Portuguese style of knitting, for the colorwork.  Well!!! Not a top-down, but I can do this, knit it “upside down”.  Oh yes! And backwards, since the Portuguese style of knitting is easiest when doing the purl stitch.  This style of knitting really reminds me most of machine knitting, as I am looking at the purl side as I am working.  Well, it’s started.  I did decide ahead of time to use only one yarn for the fair-isle, so that should make it a bit easier?!?!?
I’ll keep you posted.

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