Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a GREAT weekend!

I've been home for five days, and am recovering from the Creative Festival. Once again, I was the only one there with knitting machines, and to say I was busy is an understatement.
My "Classroom" was on the show floor, I taught 2 beginner classes, one entrelac class, and one on buttonholes.
It was so great to see the interest in the machines. Not a single person told me I was "cheating" this year. Also, no-one came wanting to get rid of their machine. Rather, everyone was looking for help, lessons, patterns and ideas.
I was happy to see so many machine knitters that I've met over the years come by to say"Hello!", and continuously encourage me to "keep it up".
My project to "Knit for the Oncology Patients" was a great success. I had set up a SInger 155, and asked everyone to try to knit a few rows. Some, although hesitant, had their first opportunity to try a machine, but many came specifically to knit for the cause, and every one of them had a special story to share. We knit 10 blankets in total. I'll finish them over the next couple of weeks, with edges and steaming, and they will be donated to our local Southlake Regional Health Centre.

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