Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Jane Thornley Organic Wrap number 3, is a birthday present for my daughter. I gave it to her this past Saturday evening, so now it can be posted. She has always loved pink, so I started with a skein of Handmaided Sea Silk, that had a number of beautiful shades of pink in it, as well as some beige/brown, and the green. Then I started hunting for the other yarns to pick up those colours, and to add texture. Yarn came from two different stores, and a tiny bit of pink eyelash came from my stash. This one was really interesting to knit, especially since the colours were not my usual pallette. I know my daughter was surprised, and pleased, that I had created this work of art for her. I was surprised how difficult it was for me to part with it, as it really had become a part of me for well over a month. I guess that's the "artist" in me, getting attached to my creation.

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